Red Barton and The Sky Pirates is a third-person arcade combat flight shooter reminiscent of Star Fox on N64 and the legendary After Burner arcade. It’s set in an imaginative cartoon-style steampunk world with gorgeous hand-drawn quality in-game graphics. The player is thrust into the role of Red Barton, a pilot of a steampunk-style World War I era fighter airplane fighting his way through a menagerie of enemies in four different themed worlds, on a mission to save his love and honor.

Originally designed by Kosta Zdravković and developed by Schism Worldwide, it is the first game in the Red Barton series and a first big production title for our indie game studio.


Schism Worldwide, the team behind Red Barton is an independent game development and publishing company.  The team consists of professionals with backgrounds in various creative fields ranging from game-making & graphic design to visual effects, judo & computer demo scene.

Visual artistry, innovation and approachable and fluent game play are the paramount components of every Schism production, and a core value embedded into our philosophy.

For all info on Red Barton and The Sky Pirates a Schism Worldwide production of a Kosta Zdravković Game Concept & Design, contacts, company info or just to say hi, visit the official website!


More like beta…

Hello there, our dear community. We, the dev team, want to thank you for interest in our game and all feedback that we received so far – both good and bad. It was – and still is – our intention to make a cute lite shooter game, which we may have failed for some, but …