Release Date Update – March 14th 2017

Red Barton and The Sky Pirates is the first tale in the adventures of our hero, Red Barton coming to Steam (PC & Mac), Apple App Store and Google Play Store on March 14th 2017

Help Red Barton, the noble and just Sky Knight as he flies his faithful Skyplane to liberate the land of Diamondia from the grip of the evil King Diamund. Blast your way through the hordes of Diamunds minions on your way to Diamund’s castle, where you shall rejoin your betrothed Princess Giselle.

You will be facing four worlds, four armies and four of Diamondia’s finest generals on your way the King’s lair. But fear nothing — there will be help along the way in the form of the Sky Pirates, a rogue organization of smugglers and privateers on the wrong side of the King’s Law.

Arm yourself hero, grab a gamepad or your mobile device and go save the world!

Glory awaits!!!

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