Red Barton and The Sky Pirates Update 1

Hello all, and welcome to first official patch update of Red Barton and The Sky Pirates.

Todays update of the game includes various smaller but also bigger fixes and improvements that were being cooked and tested in past weeks, and that are generally selected and implemented in this update to improve the overall game user experience and stability of the game.

More work (and content) is being done, and we are discussing the ways to make and release even larger update, with more enemies, levels, skins, upgrades – but there is not a strict schedule on that – it also depends on your support.

Meanwhile, we are sharing with you the current state of the game, hoping you will recognize our sincere efforts to make this game as good as possible. Although it is not official released as Early Access, please treat it like it is – and the price will be dropped accordingly.

Thank you.



– improved object collisions.
– fixed pre-level comics sometimes not reacting to ‘skip’ mouse event. alternatively to on-screen buttons, you can use left mouse button to skip single page, right mouse button to skip whole sequence.
– improved boss fights on all levels.
– improved shooter ai, both on bosses and ingame.
– fixed all powerups and upgrades to behave as intended.
– double/triple split shooter upgrade improved.
– added magnet effect for easier powerup and coin pickups.
– fixed various situations with current airplane level visually triggering wrong model, mostly in damage situations.
– fixed various situations where cursor is needed but hidden (use shortcut Q to force mouse if needed).
– improved overall game performance (cleanups and optimizations).
– new enemy bullets with trailing effects – origin of incoming bullets is now easier to detect and comprehend.
– new enemy rockets with optimized effects.
– new player bullets and effects.
– fixed texture mappings on various models.
– fixed realtime update of guns/rockets level when upgrading in hangar.
– fixed languages.

NOTE: Before you go fidling with difficulty settings, we suggest you play in NORMAL mode (default on fresh installation) rather than EASY (which is just too easy) or GOOD LUCK (which is exactly as it’s title says – you probably wont come far – unless your plane is heavy upgraded).

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