Red Barton Delay and New Release Date Update – March 14th

TL;DRRed Barton and The Sky Pirates release date is postponed (and this time very much locked) to March 14th 2017. Here’s the press release link – please read the article below to find out why.

“Yo ho, yo ho the indie life’s for me!!!”

Indie gaming life is a reality for us for a few years now, indeed. And what a roller coaster it was for quite some time! We learned the hard way that there’s no way around it’s many axioms, a famous one being – EXPECT DELAYS!!!

Well, in the past few months we’ve been trying to make our game look awesome. And we started piling stuff on. Little by little – feature by feature, one thing started affecting another, another started affecting things which a developer would not anticipate and sooner then we realized what happened – the game was crashing left and right. The bewildering (and yet so common) fact that on different platforms completely different things were crashing – didn’t make it easy to track the bugs down in a quick fashion and still make the deadline.

We pressed hard to patch and fix and shuffle things around, but the dam kept leaking. And the inevitable finally happened. We sent the preview to a few (hundred) reviewers, and a brand new version to our beta-testers (that already tested a version before the preview version which passed with flying colors) – and lo and behold – one after another, gameplay breaking bugs were all over the place.

You’d “think” a pre-release month addition of 10 languages, all new models, different main model, new textures, making boss fights heavy and complex and cleaning up every single piece of geo the game has to be hierarchically good and named correctly (and a few thousand other “small” fixes) wouldn’t do such a think [irony alert]!

But alas, we realized we need an extra life.

And so we huddled and looked at each other, and asked the question. How much time do we need to do this? Some said a number. We doubled it to be sure – and settled on 4 weeks.

So – on March 14th, Red Barton will fly out to rescue the princess, and save the world on Steam (PC and Mac). Android and iOS versions will follow shortly after the Steam release, pending their rigorous approval process.

Stay tuned!!!

Release Date Update – March 14th 2017

Red Barton and The Sky Pirates is the first tale in the adventures of our hero, Red Barton coming to Steam (PC & Mac), Apple App Store and Google Play Store on March 14th 2017

Help Red Barton, the noble and just Sky Knight as he flies his faithful Skyplane to liberate the land of Diamondia from the grip of the evil King Diamund. Blast your way through the hordes of Diamunds minions on your way to Diamund’s castle, where you shall rejoin your betrothed Princess Giselle.

You will be facing four worlds, four armies and four of Diamondia’s finest generals on your way the King’s lair. But fear nothing — there will be help along the way in the form of the Sky Pirates, a rogue organization of smugglers and privateers on the wrong side of the King’s Law.

Arm yourself hero, grab a gamepad or your mobile device and go save the world!

Glory awaits!!!


Turntable Time III is upon us!

Wow. 2 weeks of frenzied work, but with every drip of sweat, and every sleepless night – we’re getting closer to the alpha!!!

Today we are excited to reveal not one but again two turntables with our beautiful game assets. As we are preparing a small interview with team members so you can get to know us a bit better, it’s important for you guys to know that we keep running towards the finish line.

The Bunker 2

Yes, it’s another bunker. But this one has higher mobility and different rate of fire, so it’s far more important for the player to get rid of it as soon as he sees it. It’s going to be tough as this will be relatively well hidden and very hard to dispatch in a time-efficient manner.


The Gate

These stalwart constructions, the defense gates of the baddies, will be in your path on some of the levels. Usually carrying a few turrets, and allowing for the enemies to take a good aim at you and try to blast you off the sky. Yay!

Not only they allow for a nice reconnaisance and turret (and bunker) to find it’s home, they are also indestructible, but if you hit them, you will lose a considerable amount of energy, or instantly meet your maker on a full-on hit.

So – steer clear of them! 🙂