Turntable time II – Game Guns Saturday!

In Red Barton you shall have a number of weapons on your disposal. Today we share two game assets showcasing the look and design we’re going for, the Revolver & Spin Gun.

The Big Revolver

Just like the name says, the “Big Revolver” is a barrel pistol-type cannon mounted on the vehicle. Being basically a 6 shooter, it’s a single shot weapon the player will have available early in the adventure.

It will take several shots from this beauty to dispose of most of the enemies, so it’s important to aim carefully. Early tests point to auto-fire option being a recurrent request, especially since the main Red Barton release is aimed at mobile devices. We definitely don’t want anyone to break their screen shooting an in-game cannon.

But, hey, it would make up for a crazy “how I broke my screen glass” story, right? 😀

Spin Gun

Spin Gun is a multi-barrel machine gun. Holding the button will unload a lot of lead to the enemies, making things a bit easier on the player. Each shot carries force dependent on the upgrades you have collected, so in it’s basic form it’s weaker then single shot, with a higher rate of fire, and in a higher, it’s a devastating minigun.

It has a little bit of a scatter and thus some precision issues common to the similar WW1 weapons. As it turns out, machine guns on airplanes of that era were sort of area weapons, rather then snipers.

This is not a WW1 game, but it’s set in a steampunk universe that has a lot of similar looking and functioning technology, so we are trying to pay attention to details such as this.


Turntable time I !!!

We’ve been a little lax on our updates due to the common indie studio issue that same people that develop the game also maintain the blog, but now we have some more cool stuff to show.

A lot of our enemy troops are mobile, but some are mounted with camouflage texture. We’ve been enjoying their designs and improving them using a simple turntable, which helped us see any possible flaws in the texturing and modeling that we may improve.

So now, as we have some turntables lying around, every now and then we’re gonna release some, so you can see part of the process and a totally recommended workflow for your in-game models.

These machine gun bunkers will definitely make your life harder if you don’t shoot them as soon as you see them, so when it’s game time, pay attention because they are not easy to spot all the time. The camo pattern is working surprisingly well. Maybe too well 😉

These will be encountered in the first world of Red Barton, with different versions scattered around all the worlds. Cute little machines of destruction, as most of them in Red Barton are 🙂


Red Barton and The Sky Pirates, will be the first tale in the adventures of our hero, Red Barton.

Here on the dev blog, we will focus on technical activities and choices we make during the development process, but we thought now that the game’s name is official, we might as well share the official logo!

Needless to say, as all indie game studios plan everything 10 years in advance (goes without saying, right 😉 ), this in our vivid dreams will be the beginning of an immersive story line to unfold in years to come. Well, let’s really see where Red’s gonna fly us to.

In the mean-time enjoy the beautiful artwork by the chief game designer of the game, Kosta Zdravkovic.

We’ll soon publish a small interview with Kosta, about the beginnings of this project. A very interesting story!

Stay tuned!