Turntable time I !!!

We’ve been a little lax on our updates due to the common indie studio issue that same people that develop the game also maintain the blog, but now we have some more cool stuff to show.

A lot of our enemy troops are mobile, but some are mounted with camouflage texture. We’ve been enjoying their designs and improving them using a simple turntable, which helped us see any possible flaws in the texturing and modeling that we may improve.

So now, as we have some turntables lying around, every now and then we’re gonna release some, so you can see part of the process and a totally recommended workflow for your in-game models.

These machine gun bunkers will definitely make your life harder if you don’t shoot them as soon as you see them, so when it’s game time, pay attention because they are not easy to spot all the time. The camo pattern is working surprisingly well. Maybe too well 😉

These will be encountered in the first world of Red Barton, with different versions scattered around all the worlds. Cute little machines of destruction, as most of them in Red Barton are 🙂


Red Barton and The Sky Pirates, will be the first tale in the adventures of our hero, Red Barton.

Here on the dev blog, we will focus on technical activities and choices we make during the development process, but we thought now that the game’s name is official, we might as well share the official logo!

Needless to say, as all indie game studios plan everything 10 years in advance (goes without saying, right 😉 ), this in our vivid dreams will be the beginning of an immersive story line to unfold in years to come. Well, let’s really see where Red’s gonna fly us to.

In the mean-time enjoy the beautiful artwork by the chief game designer of the game, Kosta Zdravkovic.

We’ll soon publish a small interview with Kosta, about the beginnings of this project. A very interesting story!

Stay tuned!



Red Barton flight has taken off. The Schism crew has worked very hard to get here, and now it’s time to start sharing some news with the world, so here we are. On post #1, inventively named (drumroll) RED BARTON DEVELOPMENT BLOG – POST #1.

Today (well, more like late late tonight EST) we have officially kicked off the development blog for our first title, Red Barton, an action packed arcade flight simulatio shooter conceived in the mind of game’s designer Kosta Zdravkovic and developed by Schism Worldwide

Easiest to describe as the Great War offspring of the legendary Star Fox on N64, and arcade Afterburner brought to the fantasy steampunk world with comic book style graphics, immersive story-line and innovative game-play – it’s guaranteed to keep you glued to your PCs, Macs, iOS, Android devices, and all targeted platforms (TBD).

Right now we are weeks away from an alpha, so I can’t emphasize how freakishly exhilarated we all are looking at our brainchild develop into a fully functional game.

It’s been almost a year in the making for our game designer, and the better part of 2016 for the development team at Schism Worldwide, but man, what a ride it was, and still is. Mountains of textures, models and animations were made, countless lines of code were written within Unity, our platform of choice, and we’re spending our days optimizing the workflows and game experience and constantly improving something, but we’re getting there…

We’re a relatively new name in the game world, but as we all come from game dev and VFX world, we can tell if the work is still not there and will keep working on the polish before the alpha is ready for testing. Speaking of testing, should you be interested for helping Red Barton see the light of day, pray tell, we will be on the lookout for alpha and beta testers out there, but all in good time. We are still figuring out the secure system to facilitate that effort.

Oh, and btw. the featured image is an early-stage image from the upcoming trailer. Yep. There’s gonna be a trailer. Maybe even a teaser. We’re working on it 😉

So, starting from now, we will try and keep up with our development of the game, and keep everyone posted about progress here on our main blog, so stay tuned!